Email is becoming one of the most efficient marketing channels for B2B marketers as organizations adapt to the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a research as soon as the lockdown started email volumes rose by nearly 29 per cent in a week, as compared to the previous year’s numbers. And that same week had witnessed augmentation in open rates by more than 50 percent.

However, just hitting more emails in potential customers’ inboxes won’t be enough; marketers need to reassure them that they are more than just a sales metric. This won’t be difficult if marketers are able to engage customers with their email by adding value to it.

Although there is no silver bullet that can assure creating emails that will lead to conversion, but professionals at Augmentics, can help you define your brands silver bullets by building, deploying, as well as managing an extensive array of email marketing campaigns at large scale.

Our team knows that what subject lines or images will get maximum clicks followed by conversions. Another most important part of email marketing is avoiding spam filters and this is where every marketer fails. But we ensure that the domain has genuine DKIM and SPF signatures to avoid any attempt that would seem like spoofing, phishing, and impersonation to customers. Hence, we can proudly say that Augmentics B2B offers a full-suite of service that will drive your email campaigns to success.


We use multiple email blasts and reach out techniques to syndicate newsletters, white papers, webinars and podcasts for right contacts based on individual requirements. We even qualify questions over the email for giving our clients a warmer lead and an insight into the goals of their prospects. We generate 100K qualified email leads on a monthly basis, each of which are verified by our experience Quality Analysts and passed on only after a confirmation.


Email marketing is now quite an old and traditional marketing method, yet it is still considered important. Do you know why?

There are more than 9 billion email applications being used and maximum of them are being accessed on daily basis. This increases your chance of conversion. A recent survey showed that one of three people have purchased a product or service from email. But there is also a fact that your email marketing will only be successful if you are emailing valuable content.

Also, B2B cold email is one of the most preferred methods of communicating with prospects without demoralizing your sales representatives. With more than 3.7 billion email users across the globe, email is an alive & thriving method that should always be used by marketers for covering all their email marketing bases.

Our team helps you will choose the exact form of email campaign to write (outbound emails, nurture emails and drip emails) at right time. In other words, they understand the need and result of hitting the iron rod while it is hot; in this choice of mail and personalized content are hammers.