Demand generation aims at creating demand for the product and service. Also, demand generation unlike several other marketing strategies helps in identifying a number of touch points leading to higher conversion rates and more closed deals.

Demand generation is an ideal methodology for organizations looking for long term engagements with their prospects. At its very core Demand generation is a mutually beneficial and cohesive exercise undertaken for creating a recurring interest in any product or service. The positioning and awareness of a brand are undertaken in a manner that gives the idea of its longevity rather than a one-time business.

Augmentics helps you develop a scalable strategy touching all the required areas of focus from Buyers perspective. Our professionals will plan and execute integrated demand generation campaigns so as to discover new opportunities and faster growth.

However, most of the sales and marketing personnel’s professional lives revolve around lead generation and, demand generation. Often used interchangeably these two approaches of information exchange are co-dependent.

Demand generation vis-a-vis Lead generation happens to be a confusing of jargons to simplify this further, the core difference is as under:

The primary function of demand generation is to create market awareness. In this, content is freely given out without having to fill forms with personal details like phone, email, job title etc. Different content is to be created and spread for various levels of the buyers’ journey to successfully associate the brand with an idea and as a first step of penetrating newer markets.

Lead generation on the other hand is a more typical and focused approach moving from ‘awareness’ phase to an ‘interest phase’. Any content disbursed in the market comes with strings attached (read: info like email, phone, job, interest etc.). Any viable potential customer shall willfully part with their information for content which is valuable and not freely available in the market. This campaign is highly dependent on successive quality.

Lead generation and Demand generation are based on easily digestible, knowledge parting content which connects with its audience instantly.

In the awareness, interest, desire, acquisition ‘AIDA Approach’; Lead generation (interest) should always be following Demand generation (awareness). Any reversal in this strategy causes a less than favorable ROI situation.

We have a highly experienced and skilled team that will help you create personalized content to educate your prospects that leads them in buying your product or service; hence it is the most crucial part of the entire marketing strategy. Our team ensures and is rather accountable for increasing your return on investment, developing a solid sales pipeline and meeting your revenue targets. Our team will closely work with you to nurture your high prospect buyers and while doing so they will ensure accelerating your sales cycle.

Our team will counsel and deploy ideas for improvement as and when required for augmenting your sales & marketing conversions on a regular basis. Our professional will generate as well as qualify leads using almost every outbound and inbound channels of demand generation, for instance SEO, SEM, email campaigns, retargeting, digital advertisements, etc.

We at Augmentics, play a pivotal role in propelling our customer’s growth in every terms and in any market and channel.