Quick Look

Generating appointments are never easy. We achieved the end goal by adopting multiple strategies. Some of the key highlights of our techniques and tools:

How We Deliver Value

We strive to deliver genuine value and act as an extended team. Our value is based on the following approaches: 

What Is Appointment Generation?

Appointment setting is a significant tactic customer’s acquisition while assisting you to develop a strong bond with your prospective buyer along with building a trust factor for your brand in them. In any case, people would prefer buying only from companies they trust, which is crucial even for B2B industry.


With Appointment Generation, you get an immaculate customer attention which helps to showcase brand competency. If appointment setting is rightly done – it demonstrate to your prospects a lot about your company.


Appointment Generation is one of our core competencies, our team has a cumulative experience of more than 20 years of adding value to their clients by helping them generate appointments for presentation/demo after qualifying their intent to purchase. Our experienced professionals not just set appointment with anyone; they make sure that the decision maker they are speaking with is actually a part of your buying group before further engaging with them.

Getting face time with decision makers and influencers is a cumbersome task where all our experience is called upon so that we deliver meetings for our clients with a tangible outcome with respect to Revenue and Brand Value too.

Process Of Appointment Generation

Our Appointment Generation process includes certain steps that make the process of conversion from a potential buyer to a hot prospect easier as well as time-saving:


    1. Hand-picked key decision-makers in an organization
    2. Looking for a product or service like yours
    3. Works in a market that is also money-spinning market for you


    Leveraging our teams’ skills and experience, we are able to perform extensive research that mostly heads towards your target audience needs, interests as well as challenges. This increases chances for your executive to close the deal


    With the help of the insights generated from ground research, we are able to develop tailored script, setting doorways towards qualifying leads as prospective buyers. These doorways enable us qualify the most probable leads for you.


    We try getting to the point directly, address your prospects needs and help them understand how your offering is better than that of others. And then we slowly direct them through the set gateways and set an appointment for you.

If you are looking for an appointment setting partner for setting high-quality appointments and offering your sales teams good meetings than there is no substitute of Augmentics.